#1 globally deployed AMI analytics solution

Fewer faults. More Capacity.

Real-time management of distribution networks using smart meter data

Helping customers deliver cleaner, greener energy

What our customers say

“This thing for sure has prevented one house fire, I’ve been out to 3 or 4 of the faults it’s found and every time it has been spot on”.

“It just works”

“I could not belive how accurate COMPASS detects a downed conductor vs my ADMS”

“We love the ongoing updates with more analytics with no additional cost”

Its obvious the team have come from Distribution, they relly know their stuff”

“Within the first week we identified and resolved a number of network faults the system paid for itself in a week”

All upgrades at no additonal cost

See what's going wrong. Fix root causes, not symptoms. Maintain a safe network. Reduce carbon footprint.

Unregistered Solar PV

Exceeded demand capacity

Solar Panels
Solar Panels
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Wifi Icon

Unregistered EV

Hand drawn curved line
Hand drawn curved line
Hand drawn curved line
Electricity and Power - Transformer
Wireless EV charging black glyph icon. Fueling electromobile


hot water load

Unbalanced phase

Overloaded transformer

High feeder voltage

lets you react to these network constraints in real time

A global library of network fault signatures

Detecting a new network fault every minute of every day

Downed Conductor Detection

Secondary Network Faults

Highly scalable

Trillions of data points

Production ready

1000+ daily users / 10M+ meters

Free analytics

75+ outcomes with the plan




Cloud or On-Premise

Introducing the DSO Box when security and cost matter


Small & Secure

Zero cloud cost

On-prem hardware

75+ Outcomes

World leading outage detection capability

Proven to be faster and more accurate than your OMS and AMDS

Line down


Detect. Trace. Restore.

Candling fuse

Network Structure



Cap Bank fault


Fuse Flat Icon

Location & equipment detection

delivery truck

Appropriate crew dispatch

efficiency vector, gear icon, improvement

Operational efficiency

Quick Time Icon

Quick remedy & restoration

300 billion data points analysed every day

Top 6 outcomes used by our customers


Hosting Capacity & Dynamic Operating Envelopes

“How much load can I add and what are my operating limits”

Risk Of Electric Shock



“How can I detect LoNs & other faults to ensure a safe network”

EV charging stations icon



“What should I grow, where should I invest”

solar gradient icon

Solar Compliance & Export Management

“Who's installing solar, is it compliant, is it affecting the grid”

high voltage

Voltage Compliance

“How can I ensure the voltage profiles are within the thresholds”

vector icon for Adjust, Control, Button, Level, Settings, Adjustment

Dynamic Voltage Control

“How can I tune SCADA to maintain voltage compliance”

. . . and 75+ outcomes to choose from!

(continuing to grow every day)



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See how we're supporting the digital utility strategy of PEA, Thailand

Integrated to almost AMI and OT vendor

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