Better visibility. Fewer faults.

More EVs. More Solar PVs.

Real-time monitoring of your low voltage distribution network

Helping customers deliver cleaner, greener energy

Why monitor your low voltage network

See what's going wrong. Fix root causes, not symptoms. Maintain a safe network. Reduce carbon footprint.

Unregistered EV


hot water load

Unregistered Solar PV

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Solar Panels
Solar Panels
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Unbalanced phase

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Electricity and Power - Transformer

Overloaded transformer

Exceeded demand capacity

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High feeder voltage

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lets you react to these network constraints in real time

Why distribution businesses choose us

World's first and most deployed low voltage network management system

Seamless Utility data integration

Real-time network monitoring

Time-series streaming & aggregation


Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence



Easy external systems integration

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Highly scalable

Trillions of data points

User Groups
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Production ready

1000+ daily users / 10M+ meters

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Free analytics

65+ outcomes with the plan

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Secure deployments



Our outage detection capability

Better than other outage detection systems


Detect. Trace. Restore.



Network Structure


Line down

Candling fuse

Cap Bank fault

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Location & equipment detection

delivery truck

Appropriate crew dispatch

efficiency vector, gear icon, improvement

Operational efficiency

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Quick remedy & restoration

Bringing analytics and AI to the grid

Top 6 outcomes that matter to our customers


Hosting Capacity & Dynamic Operating Envelopes

“How much load can I add and what are my operating limits”

Risk Of Electric Shock



“How can I detect LoNs & other faults to ensure a safe network”

EV charging stations icon



“What should I grow, where should I invest”

solar gradient icon

Solar Compliance & Export Management

“Who's installing solar, is it compliant, is it affecting the grid”

high voltage

Voltage Compliance

“How can I ensure the voltage profiles are within the thresholds”

vector icon for Adjust, Control, Button, Level, Settings, Adjustment

Dynamic Voltage Control

“How can I tune SCADA to maintain voltage compliance”

. . . and 65+ outcomes to choose from!

(continuing to grow every day)



See a sample list of outcomes produced by Compassᵀᴹ

Case Study

See how we're supporting the digital utility strategy of PEA, Thailand

Blending into your environment

We integrate with your systems

Growing with our ecosystem

We partner with the best in the industry

Australian owned manufacturer

Utility-grade monitors and sensors for distribution and transmission networks.

Compassᵀᴹ comes pre-integrated with the data from these devices.

Formed out of research from the University of Melbourne

World-class model-free Dynamic Operating Envelope (DOE) technology.

Compassᵀᴹ comes pre-integrated with the support for their DOE.

Your journey with us

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